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Latest In Inspection Cameras and Locators

Save on the latest inspection cameras from Dynamic Repairs in Lodi, New Jersey. We use genuine manufacturers' parts and can do custom modifications with upgrades. From time to time, we offer sales of refurbished equipment.  We have personal reltionships with all the top brands.  Ridgid, General Wire Spring, Vivax, Hathorn, Ratech and Vision Technology

Interconnect Leads

Save money with our rugged interconnect cables, custom-made to various lengths for your convenience. They allow you to mix different reels to command modules. Camera skids keep a good skid on your camera head to help protect your investment. We offer replacement skids and aftermarket skids.


Locate your equipment with our top of the line locators. They operate on different frequencies for your convenience and we repair and sell several manufacturers. From all the top brands  Ridgid, General Wire Spring, Vivax, Hathorn and Vision Technology



Our combination TV/VHS monitors are tested and modified to work with your command module. Step up into the future with new glare-resistant LCD screens. Both new and rebuilt are available.  From all the top brands Ridgid, General Wire Spring, Vivax, Ratech, Hathorn and Vision Technology

Digital Recording System

Record directly to a portable hand-held hard drive with your existing viewer. Update your current outdated VHS and complicated DVD systems to become part of the digital age. Going digital allows you to record your video inspections so they can be emailed and viewed on your office PC or laptop. You can give your customers copies of videos on low-cost memory cards or USB drives.


Monitor  - Interconnect Cables

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